December 15, 2018

Kicking off fall at Strom’s Farm

BY JOSH PEDERSON Autumn got underway on Sept. 22, but you might not be aware of the new season. No one would blame you, all the usual signs that signify the arrival of fall are maintaining a low profile as many people enjoyed the extended summer heat over the usual chilly autumn breeze. However, that has not stopped one Guelph farm from bringing all the fun festivities of fall for … Continued

Seasonal affective disorder can be debilitating

BY MICHELLE MAISONVILLE Winter is coming and the days are becoming shorter. The nights are long, it’s cold and many people don’t spend a lot of time outside. For a lot of people this brings the “winter blahs” but for some people the effects go deeper. Lynn Robbins White, a Conestoga College counsellor, said oftentimes people get the “winter blahs” due to blue days and lack of sunlight. “That kind … Continued