March 27, 2023

By Elnaz Akbari, Spoke News

The start of a new school year can be slightly overwhelming for some students. Homework, assignments and running from one class to another all day can make it very hard for some to enjoy their college experience. To make the start of a new school year easier, students at Conestoga can consider joining one of the many clubs the college has to offer — or maybe start an entirely new club of their own.

“Clubs are a great way to get involved and help make school somewhat stress-free. I find I rarely put time aside for myself when the school year starts to this year I’m looking into joining some clubs,” said Erin Ryant, who is enrolled in the human resources program.

Conestoga College is currently home to 14 clubs, including Creative Marketing Collaboration, Sikh Student Association, Artists United of Conestoga, GUNI, WIHSC, Public Relations Association of Conestoga, Formula SAE Club, The Conestoga Players, Conestoga Meetups, Conestoga Karaoke Club, Conestoga Climbers, Conestoga Cinema Club, Con’ain and Conestoga Welding Association.

If students are not interested in any of the clubs that the school already has to offer, they can start their own. Anyone interested in starting a club will need to apply through CSI’s website. There are some requirements students must meet before being approved to start a club. Each club must have a minimum of seven members and must have at least one event planned for the fall and winter semesters. Clubs are provided with funding depending on how many members each club has. A club of seven to 24 members will receive $200 per semester and a club of 25-39 students will receive $300 per semester.

A complete list of clubs with their descriptions and contact information can be found on CSI’s website. Anyone interested in starting their own club can also visit the same site for a complete list of guidelines.

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