February 18, 2019

OPINION: OSAP changes have students worried

The Ford government’s drastic changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program will have the effect of dashing the dreams of an entire socio-economic segment of Ontario’s youth, writes Elnaz Akbari.

Opinion: The benefits of volunteering

Getting great marks is only part of the formula for student success after college. Increasingly, employers are looking at job candidates’ volunteer experience, writes Elnaz Akbari.

UW Fun Run a long-standing tradition

By Elnaz Akbari, Spoke News The University of Waterloo held its 33rd annual Fun Run last Saturday on campus at the arts quad for the public and members of its illustrious alumni. The three-decade-old event is one of the longest running annual events in the region and is the longest-standing reunion tradition at the University of Waterloo. It celebrates healthy active living dating all the way back to 1985. The … Continued

Weekly open-mic nights make waves at The Boathouse

By Elnaz Akbari, Spoke News Open-mic nights have a way of bringing people together. So it is at The Boathouse, where bar patrons are provided with some entertainment while the acts must maintain a certain level of humility and vulnerability to keep the crowd warm and friendly. The Boathouse in Victoria Park, Kitchener, Ont., holds a weekly open-mic night and has regularly brought in great crowds for bands like Anti … Continued

Clubs offer enriching ways to start the school year

By Elnaz Akbari, Spoke News The start of a new school year can be slightly overwhelming for some students. Homework, assignments and running from one class to another all day can make it very hard for some to enjoy their college experience. To make the start of a new school year easier, students at Conestoga can consider joining one of the many clubs the college has to offer — or … Continued