March 27, 2023
Given the added expenses that the holiday season brings, seasonal jobs are a great way for students to make the most of their winter break and gain a little bit of extra income.
With the gift-giving season right around the corner, many students may be tightening up their bootstraps, trying to scrape together enough cash to buy their loved ones something nice for the holidays.
As the fall semester draws to a close, students will find themselves with a bit more free time than they typically have. This, along with the fact many businesses are looking for additional staff this time of year, can be the perfect way to combat financial troubles during the holidays.
Many stores face a huge increase in traffic and business in the month of December due to Christmas and other gift-giving occasions that fall during that time. For this reason, these stores tend to hire extra staff to help cope with the holiday rush that occurs in malls and shopping plazas all over the country.
Hiring for these positions is usually done in mid- to late November and early December, as businesses have to be proactive and prepared for the influx of shoppers heading their way in the coming weeks.
With a quick Google search online, students can find a ton of seasonal job opportunities that could even lead to steady part-time work after the holiday season is over.
Students should plan ahead and begin firing out resumes — the sooner the better, with the fall semester in the home stretch and classes ending around Dec. 14.

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