March 27, 2023

The full range of activities in which Conestoga students get involved was on display at the  Club Fair on the Doon campus, Oct. 16-18.

Each day there were three showcased clubs at the upper atrium, with the option to meet members and senior club executives to discuss how each clubs works.

Among them, on the third day, were the Muslim Student Association and the poetry club.

“We brought our club to the showcase to reach out to the community and start a discussion,” said Ajah Hussain of the Muslim Student Association, who is also a student in the nutrition and food service management program. “We raise awareness about Islam in an open space.”

Poetry club member Steve Haller, who studies accounting at Conestoga, said: “We joined to let people know about our club. I think our club helps build self-confidence and meet other writers.”

Steve Haller, left, and Giuseppe Sloane show off their club showcase booth for the poetry club. Photo by Holly Juurlink, Spoke News

There are currently 35 clubs at Conestoga, including Conestoga Karaoke Club, Conestoga Welding Association and Condor Coding.

If students are not interested in any of the clubs featured at the showcase or on the list, they can start their own. Anyone interested in starting a club needs to apply through the Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) website. There are some requirements students must meet before being approved to start a club. Each club must have a minimum of seven members and must have at least one event planned for the fall and winter semesters.

Clubs are provided with funding depending on how many members each club has. A club of seven to 24 members will receive $200 per semester and a club of 25-39 students will receive $300 per semester.

This week’s Club Fair was sponsored by CSI. More information on Conestoga’s clubs — and how to start one — can be found here.

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