July 20, 2019

LGBTQ+ Talks – A Podcast Series

It is tough to “be different.” This podcast features people who are LGBTQ+ who tell their stories and includes a call to action.

Depression affects everyone

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that everyone should not only be aware of, but on the lookout for in case it affects loved ones.

Latest P4E Career Fair dubbed a success

By Holly Juurlink, Spoke News The 26th edition of the annual P4E Career Fair at RIM Park in Waterloo on Sept. 26 had both students and vendors proclaiming it another success.. Hannah Ou, a business administration and mathematics major from Wilfrid Laurier University, thought the event was useful in learning about potential job prospects. “There are a lot of employers at this event and I wanted to get my ‘foot … Continued

Safety of vaping remains highly questionable

By Holly Juurlink, Spoke News Within the last two years, “vaping” has become very popular among youth, adults and seniors. The main question on the minds of many, given the results of different studies, is whether vaping is safe. These cigarette lookalikes basically consist of a cartridge, a battery, and an LED light. When turned on, the e-cig (vape) heats up the liquid that is housed in the cartridge; this produces … Continued