October 3, 2022

Environmentally conscious citizens in Guelph, Ont., celebrated their 12th annual EcoMarket on March 25, where those interested could stop by a number of booths to learn more about how they could become more eco-friendly.

Independent Enjo consultant Debbie Coutts spent the day informing others about what her product has to offer.

“Enjo is a pore deep product. It will pull out all of the dirt and debris and bacteria, which you then wash down the sink after rinsing out the product,” explained Coutts. This is more environmentally friendly, as consumers are not using any chemicals while cleaning, she said, adding that even eco-friendly products have chemicals in them.

Enjo cleans the pores of surfaces in homes — and they also consider the human body to be one of those surfaces.

“Enjo considers your skin as a ‘zone’ to clean,” Coutts said.

“There is some interesting research that talks about newborn babies,” Coutts continued. “Their chemical burden at birth is higher than those who were born in the ’30s and ’40s. This is because of the chemicals in our environment that are then received from the mom to the newborn while still in their mother.”

Because of this, Enjo tries to combat the amount of chemicals on a person’s skin with their skin-care products. More about the company and its products can be found here.

Volunteer Morgan Hannah, meanwhile, was hosting a booth that handed out information about the Green Party of Canada.

“It is really important that the Guelph Greens are here at the EcoMarket to spread awareness about the work we do. We did have such an amazing ride with our provincial election last year and having Mike Schreiner be the very first Green MPP elected into Ontario,” Hannah said.

The Green party is growing in the wake of the provincial election, Hannah said, spurring on additional candidates for future elections.

But have current stories about the rapidly accelerating rate of climate change in Canada changed voter preferences and intentions?

“Everyone is catching up,” Hannah said. “The climate crisis is here and, when you boil down to the common denominator, [every issue] is climate-related. Guelph Greens are part of an international community of Greens. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Greens are there. We work locally but we always think globally.

Volunteer Morgan Hannah says Guelph’s Green party members are part of a growing global movement to improve the environment. Photo by Jaime Murdock, Spoke News

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