March 25, 2019

CSI offers workshop on budgeting for students

By Jaime Murdock, Spoke News Most students have received their OSAP by now and have paid tuition — in some cases that may be all that they have to worry about until the next semester begins. But for many students this is not the case. They may have rent, utility bills, child-care expenses, pet expenses, phone bills, transportation fees and groceries to pay for. These are just a few things … Continued

Conestoga Cares: First in a series on mental health

By Jaime Murdock, Spoke News A lot of returning students are beginning to feel the pressures of school — some with no real way to cope with them. Last year Conestoga College, along with other colleges across the province, dealt with the faculty strike, which set many people back. Some students removed themselves from their programs and received refunds, while other students went through a condensed school year. For those … Continued