May 29, 2024

Despite Wrestlemania 35 delivering nearly everything the fans wanted, the length of the show may have been enough to spoil WWE’s biggest show of the year.

I wrote an article about a month ago discussing what I thought were the three keys to a successful Wrestlemania 35.

WWE went on to do all three of those things at the show, but it took them over seven hours to do it.

The show’s run-time of just over seven and a half hours, if you include the two hour pre-show which featured four matches, resulted in a quiet crowd for the first ever women’s main event at a Wrestlemania.

You can listen to the podcast below where I talk about what WWE did right and wrong at this year’s show, what they can improve for Wrestlemania 36 and where the company goes from here as they head into their new television deal with Fox in October.

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