September 25, 2022

Grand River Hospital introduced a new computer system on Sept. 22, 2019 in order to counteract some of the issues they were experiencing with the previous system including glitches and slow data processing.

The new system is ultimately supposed to benefit patients, but so far it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. According to 570 news, patients have been experiencing extended wait times as the staff tries to familiarize themselves with the new system.

According to an article on The Record, Young Lee, the vice-president of quality, performance management and clinical system transformation, said the hospital staff is generally happy with how the new system is working out. Lee said the system shouldn’t take much longer than six months to be fully integrated.

According to 570 news, patients are unhappy with the wait times that are now longer because of the new system. The hospital received one message that said “new computer system change over at Grand River Hospital causing longer than normal wait times in the ER. People should avoid GRH!” However, Lee said that although things are a little slower, they haven’t seen patients being affected negatively.

The hospital said in a statement that additional support staff have been recruited to aid the hospital staff as they get accustomed to the changes.

The statement also said that ultimately, the system will help the hospital provide the best possible care to their patients.

Spoke contacted the communications manager at the hospital to inquire further about the system, but she did not respond by deadline.

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