May 30, 2024

Grand River Hospital implements new computer system

Grand River Hospital introduced a new computer system on Sept. 22, 2019 in order to counteract some of the issues they were experiencing with the previous system including glitches and slow data processing.

OPINION: Declawing is completely unnecessary

Of all the unnecessary cosmetic surgeries pet owners choose to put their furry friends through, declawing is one of the most common. However, more Ontario veterinarians are moving in the right direction by refusing to perform the procedure. While this is a positive change being made, Ontario has yet to follow in the footsteps of provinces such as Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island which have made these procedures … Continued

OPINION: Why we shouldn’t be surprised about Trudeau’s blackface

Photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s not one, not two, but three instances of blackface recently came to light and Canadians are experiencing a wide range of reactions from disgust to shock – but perhaps such reactions aren’t justifiable.           Performative ally ship is a skill honed by many liberal and liberal-adjacent politicians, but Trudeau is probably the most famous for it – or at least he should be. From … Continued