September 30, 2023

The iconic rock band of the 70s AC/DC released a new album Power Up on November 13, their first full album since 2014.

With a library of history and experience behind them, Brian Johnson, drummer Phil Rudd, bassist Cliff Williams, lead guitarist Angus Young, and rhythm guitarist Stevie Young make a comeback following the death of co-founder and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young in 2017.

The album was a tribute to Young, as all the tracks were written by him but have laid unreleased until his brother Angus dug them up for this album.  Because of this, the tracks on the album are nostalgic of AC/DC’s classic sound, while still bringing some new quirks to the table.

Three weeks after being released, the album has reached number one in 21 countries, as well as 7.8 million streams before the end of November. It’s a thrilling blast to the past, and a suitable and commendable tribute to the band’s late guitarist and founder. 

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