December 5, 2023

Renovacation: What people are doing instead of traveling

Torsten Huhse, a general residential contractor with Ostwall Contracting, says that the cause of these renovations could be that consumers notice how they could use space more practically. Spending time at home forces them to look at things they’ve always meant to fix, and now they finally have the time, Huhse said.

The Last Blockbuster review: Why they should have bought Netflix

Now, it’s easier than ever to watch movies from home, thanks to streaming services like Netflix, but what really made renting become so obsolete? The Last Blockbuster, directed by Taylor Morden, explores the lifespan of the video store monster, from how it started to what it’s becoming.

Conestoga design students bring light to Cambridge

Amid a global pandemic and everything else 2020 has brought to the world, finding the light is sometimes a challenge. Second-year students in the graphic design program at Conestoga College were challenged to make their own.

How special needs students cope with COVID-19

Jennifer Pinder, a developmental education support teacher for the Waterloo Region District school board, says the higher emphasis on added protocols can be challenging for kids with neurological and developmental disabilities.