February 24, 2024

Kitchener’s Frederick Art Walk could be a walk to remember this year.

The 20th annual art walk that started in 2001 will look a little different. It will be held outdoors because of COVID-19 restrictions.

“We started the art walk to just build community in our area and as an outlet for artists,” Lori Cole, Coordinator of the Frederick Art Walk said. “We learned we had a lot of creative people in our little area.”

A sign near Weber Park promoting the 20th annual Frederick Art Walk. Photo By Celeste McCarthy

The art walk is set to take place this weekend, on Oct. 16 and 17, in the Central Frederick neighbourhood surrounded by Victoria Street, Krug Steet, Lancaster Street and East Avenue.

There is a passport, map, and mini brochure all in one downloadable file available on the art walk’s website, giving those who would like to go paperless an option to do so.

The Frederick Art Walk will also be supporting the Healing of the Seven Generations again this year, a local non-profit organization that works to assist First Peoples living in and around Waterloo Region. In 2019, the walk raised more than $400 for the charity.

“It’s really nice to have a place where you can actually meet your patrons, and also where they can meet you,” said Carol Kubassek, owner of Your Time Boutique, a local business that has been an artist in the art walk for around five years. “I’ve always loved events like this.”

The Frederick Art Walk will feature a lineup of works from local artists and businesses, such as jewelry, fabric and fibre art, pottery, and Kubassek’s specialty, beeswax candles.

The walk was cancelled last year amongst COVID-19 lockdowns, like many other events around Waterloo Region. So, artists have been itching to create again for this year’s art walk.

“A lot of us don’t have storefronts, [we’re] seasonal,” Kubassek said. “It’s sort of like a pop-up shop, without having to pay rent all year round.” 

The art walk will take place for two days this year instead of one, giving shoppers an extra day to explore all the art made around the community.

“[The Frederick Art Walk] allows communities to come together, both in building and getting organized for the art walk, and the doing of the art walk,” said Cole.

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