January 25, 2022

Return to campus expected at end of month

It has been a long, trying two years of mostly online learning at Conestoga College. “I’m still trying to adjust to it,” said Michael Keenan, a Professor of Electro-Mechanical and Automation Maintenance at Conestoga College. “In this [Zoom] box, I find it hard to break out into different topics, or different ways of showing information.” After originally planning to have students return to campuses in early January, Conestoga College is … Continued

‘It’s great to see’ Waterloo Region coming together to support Indigenous art this holiday season

The Indigenous Holiday Art Market on Sunday, Dec. 5 features some meaningful local gifts for the holidays. “Small creators are very intentional with every item they use,” said Emma Smith, a Waterloo-based Indigenous beader and artist who owns Rain Beading, selling primarily upcycled and thrifted jewelry. “I know I specifically go and thrift much of the metal parts of the jewelry that I use.” It will be the second in-person … Continued

The sparkle of the holiday season returns to St. Jacobs

The start of the holiday season is usually marked by snowfall, Christmas music all over the radio stations, and people rushing to malls for their holiday shopping. This year, however, the spirit of the holidays is sparkling in the nearby village of St. Jacobs, Ontario. From Nov. 12 to 28, the annual St. Jacob Sparkles takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with more dates, activities, and longer hours to … Continued

Local author creates a buzz about bumblebees

From their barbed stingers to their intimidatingly loud buzz, bees might send some people running in the opposite direction at the sight of them. Even Dana L. Church, a local researcher of animal cognition and author, had her reservations before working with bumble bees. “One of my professors that I really liked said she was looking for a research assistant that summer, so I applied … then I realized I … Continued

Kitchener’s Frederick Art Walk returns, moving outside for the first time

Kitchener’s Frederick Art Walk could be a walk to remember this year. The 20th annual art walk that started in 2001 will look a little different. It will be held outdoors because of COVID-19 restrictions. “We started the art walk to just build community in our area and as an outlet for artists,” Lori Cole, Coordinator of the Frederick Art Walk said. “We learned we had a lot of creative … Continued

World Mental Health Day in the time of COVID-19 related stress

Life has looked considerably different for many people over the past two years. COVID-19 took a big toll on mental health, especially in students. Sunday, Oct 10 is World Mental Health Day, a time to raise awareness and advocate for mental health around the world. Mental health supports and services are needed now more than ever. According to a 2020 Statistics Canada survey, around 64 per cent of participants aged … Continued

Combatting gender-based violence in Waterloo Region and school campuses

Recent disturbing allegations about sexual assault at post-secondary institutions have re-fueled a conversation around gender-based violence in our communities. Alleged sexual assaults from Western University in London, Ont., and allegations of illegal drugging at Guelph University in Guelph, Ont., have been shocking, however, sexual violence has been an urgent problem on school campuses for a while. “It’s terrible and not surprising. We know that universities and colleges have high rates … Continued

Protesters demand more affordable housing in Waterloo Region

Protesters came together for a ’round two’ last weekend at City Hall in Waterloo, urging action in addressing Canada’s housing crisis. “Housing is a basic human right, and it’s a foundation for us to build the rest of our lives,” said Layla Morrison, a DJ, audio engineer, and co-organizer of last Saturday’s protest. ‘Round one’ was last month, but protesters are disappointed with the progress made so far. Protesters this … Continued