May 30, 2024

Sweet Life Candy & Pop Shop has brought its wide variety of candy and sweets to customers in Waterloo Region. The colourful candy store opened its doors to a new location on Jan. 7, 2022.

“I knew it was going to be a great experience … a great start in the Waterloo area, because who doesn’t love candy right?” said Andrew Ariganello, the owner of Sweet Life Candy & Pop Shop.

Ariganello has been operating Sweet Life with his family for about three years, and has three locations in Ontario, including one in London and a seasonal location in Sauble Beach. The new Waterloo store is located at 354 King St. N.

The candy store offers an extensive selection of sugary options from all around the world, including some favourites previously discontinued in Canada, enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

“[We import] from all over the world … all over Europe, Russia, Mexico, U.S., … I’ve gotten products from Indonesia, Japan and China,” said Ariganello. “We’re slowly bringing in Australian products now.”

Despite Sweet Life’s London location opening its doors to the public in February 2020, a month before the COVID-19 pandemic swung into full force, Ariganello still saw success by using curbside pick-up and delivery services.

That success led to the successful launch of the Waterloo location earlier this month. It has been especially popular with a local Facebook group ‘Food in the Waterloo Region,’ with many members posting pictures of their candy store hauls.

“[They have] super cool stuff. There were things from other countries that I’d never seen before … and funny products that are interesting. There’s a lot of really cool things there,” Jess Scott said of her experience visiting the candy store.

The broad number of products caught the attention of many, who were intrigued and delighted that they could get some nostalgic sweets, like Dunkaroos, as well as some new ones.

“Yum, Fruit-tella’s were the best, just like when we were kids,” Louise Allison said about the candy store in a Facebook comment.

While some have concerns over the price of the products, others feel the price is right for the curious and unconventional stock on the shelves.

“Especially since they’re bringing them in from other places, I didn’t have a problem at all with the prices,” said Scott. “I thought it was pretty reasonable.”

A few people praised the owners’ attention to their customers, some saying they stayed open late one day to let everyone in line have their candy experience.

With all the success of Sweet Life’s recent Waterloo location, and another store opening in a few weeks this time in Sarnia, Ontario., Ariganello sees big things for the future of his candy business.

“We’re going to be hopefully opening up in Hamilton and in Guelph … that is my business plan right now,” said Ariganello.

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