May 23, 2022

With the Winter semester just around the corner, students may have questions about how to prepare for next year. Conestoga Chat can help with some of the answers.

Conestoga Chat is an online service for students and parents to have their questions answered regarding fees, courses, degrees, trades and much more. Conestoga Chat is an easy way to book a meeting and worry less about your upcoming fee deadlines.  Online group meetings for specific topics are a regular thing for Conestoga Chat, as well as individual meetings.

Jason Humphrey is the main coordinator for Conestoga Chat. Booking meetings and contacting Humphrey is one click away.

“You can register for a meeting. There are also specific meetings scheduled for specific questions and courses. Typically we’re getting about six or seven meetings a week,” Humphrey said. “We typically get parent meetings.” Humphrey explained how easy it is to book a meeting and search relevant scheduled meetings that are open to the public. 

Allison Kelly is a Conestoga student in the nutrition and food management course. She says she could have benefited from the services Conestoga Chat offers.

“I never knew about Conestoga Chat,” she said. “I do feel like it could have helped me a lot because sometimes my teachers don’t mention how to do certain things like opt out of health fees so I paid extra,” Kelly said.

This is one example of how students can benefit from Conestoga chat services. “It took a lot of digging to find the information and I was upset to find that the dates to cancel it had already passed,” Kelly said.

The ThinkConestoga web page is where you can find all the scheduled Zoom meetings for Conestoga Chat. This is where you will find the specific meetings open to the public. For example, on Dec. 1 there will be a degree information night. Click here to register for a personal Conestoga Chat meeting. 

Conestoga chat is a useful tool available for all students. Planning a meeting with Humphrey could solve some student problems and save you a lot of stress.

Conestoga student Allison Kelly picking apples.

Jason Humphrey’s Twitter profile picture.

Jason Humphrey’s

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