June 12, 2024

The village of Belmont will celebrate Christmas on Dec. 6 with a parade down Belmont Avenue. Organizations and companies are putting their floats together to make this possible.

Organizer Leigh Mauer is looking forward to the event. 

“So the parade represents community spirit and I think a return to somewhat normal events. You know, what better time to celebrate than at Christmas,” Mauer said. 

Mauer is expecting a normal turnout this year.

“I’ve been monitoring the Facebook page and there’s so much excitement and lots of activity on there. So I expect a pretty normal turnout of between – I’ve never really done an official count – but there’s usually 800 to 1,000 people and I anticipate that for this year. We anticipate 35 floats plus four bands,” Mauer said.

A local Aylmer resident and Brock University student Nicole Mellor was also excited about the Belmont Christmas parade. 

“I would definitely consider going to the Belmont parade. I haven’t been to a parade in a little while. Before that I couldn’t drive, so I’d definitely consider going to one now,” Mellor said. “I think it’s important to keep the community together.” 

The Belmont Christmas parade is free and open to anyone who wants to share the Christmas spirit.

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Photo sent by Nicole Mellor

Photo sent by Leigh Mauer

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