May 30, 2024
Carlos Brent, a student buying gas at Pioneer gas station Waterloo. Photo by Osadare Temitope Patrick

The initial enthusiasm of college students who returned to in-person learning suddenly turned to regret because of the increase in gas prices in Waterloo Region. Students now spend more than what they budgeted for transportation, making it tough for students to commute to campuses. 

“This increase in gas prices has been overwhelming. I usually fill my car gas tank with $35 before, but today I filled the same tank with $65. It is tough on my finances now,” said Carlos Brent, a Business studies student at Conestoga College, Kitchener who drives to campus daily.

The increased transit costs have even particularly tough on international students who do not have immediate family in Canada to help.

Elizabeth King, a share ride driver in her house. Photo by Osadare Temitope Patrick

As gas prices increase, life has also become more challenging for people who work in the transportation sector.   

“As you can see, I am home doing nothing because I cannot afford to buy gas at its present price. Usually, I spend $45 worth of gas to make three trips from Kitchener to Toronto, but yesterday I spent $75 on gas to make just two trips so am running at loss,” said Elizabeth King, a full-time share rider driver.

Harrison Paul in her office at Ministry of Transportation, Canada. Photo by Osadare Temitope Patrick

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