May 30, 2024

AUDIO: International students struggle to convert foreign currencies to Canadian dollars to pay college tuition in Waterloo Region

The initial enthusiasm of international students when accepted to study in Canada sometimes turns bitter because of the difficulties involved in paying their tuition to schools. Many face challenges converting their currencies to the Canadian dollar to pay tuition. Still, Agnes Pamilerin developed a way to ensure the college receives her payment on time.  “The major challenge that I have always faced is paying my tuition at the beginning of … Continued

Gas prices taking a toll on families in Waterloo Region

The initial enthusiasm of college students who returned to in-person learning suddenly turned to regret because of the increase in gas prices in Waterloo Region. Students now spend more than what they budgeted for transportation, making it tough for students to commute to campuses.  “This increase in gas prices has been overwhelming. I usually fill my car gas tank with $35 before, but today I filled the same tank with … Continued

Online classes conflict with rental rules for some Conestoga students

How would you feel if you could only cook meals in your home at specific times? This is just one of many challenges facing international students at Conestoga College. One international student who pays $500 a month, said he can’t cook meals when he wants and he was not allowed to connect to the internet. As a result, he can only cook during his online classes. He had to buy … Continued

Winter season increases hardship for families working with delivery jobs

Independent food delivery drivers face hardship during the winter. Many drivers work tirelessly but still struggle to feed their families. Sylvester Davidson, a DoorDash support staff explained why their delivery drivers’ earnings have been small. “At the beginning of the winter season, our company had a glitch with our application nationwide. For three weeks we were battling with correcting the system’s glitch and this led to loss of many customers. And … Continued

VIDEO: Hike in cost of food items creates a challenge for international students Some Conestoga College students face hunger because of the increased prices of food items in Waterloo Region. Many students go hungry to class because they cannot afford to buy needed food items. Students now subscribe to eating only food they can afford, not necessarily the most healthy choices. Christine Balogun, an international student at Conestoga College laments about how tough it has become to access affordable food. “I used $25 … Continued

African immigrant parents face difficulty finding primary schools for their children in Waterloo Region

Some immigrant parents face a lot of setbacks while searching for a school for their children, especially during the pandemic. Parents might not know how to navigate their way around Waterloo Region while some have not changed their mindset from the systems of enrolment in their home countries.  This has increased their difficulty getting a good and nearby school for their children. “I purposely relocated to Canada for my children to have access … Continued

Conestoga’s International Students will need housing next semester

Conestoga is appealing to the community to help house international students in 2022. “Record numbers” of students are expected to resume in-person learning at Conestoga College by January 2022 and the college is looking for host families as part of the “homestay” program. Stephen Udeme an international student from Liberia currently lives in Kitchener and went through quite an ordeal to find accommodation, even though he came to Canada financially … Continued

International students tackle challenges of learning in Canada

International students who have a burning desire to travel abroad for study face challenges ranging rom the weather to the language. Amit Singh an international student from Nepal and Roseline Banks, a Nigerian studying at Prince Edward Island University, are doing well themselves despite their challenges as international students in Canada. As a child, Banks determined to leave her home country to study abroad, but her determination became reality when she … Continued