May 30, 2024

OPINION: Is journalism dying?

As a brand new journalist without a crystal ball, I don’t have definite answers. But I do have fears, hopes, and access to a plethora of ponderings from experts. 

Ontario Catholic schools continue teaching discontinued sex-ed texts 

“Having gone through the Catholic school system myself and experienced the curriculum … [It’s] my personal opinion that it definitely needs to change and I don’t know that we are seeing a willingness for that change,” said Barry Moore, chair of the advocacy group Out on the Shelf.

Rainbow Diversity Institute offers path to meaningful change

Rainbow Diversity Institute (RDI) provides “tools to start chipping away at the problem” of inequity, said founder and CEO Malissa Bryan. RDI is a consultancy of leaders in equity, diversity and inclusion who support universities, community groups, healthcare facilities, nonprofits and corporations. 

Are vaccine mandates discriminatory?

The newest wave of COVID-19 is leading to growing numbers of infections as well as conversations about the morality of mandates. Mandates are a tool that help protect people most vulnerable to COVID-19, but some community leaders agree that they do lead to discrimination against unvaccinated people. Robin George reports.