December 11, 2018

Some people live life, others create it

The short film industry is thriving, thanks in part to smaller competitions such as the OWL 48.5 Hour B Film Challenge in Stratford, Ont., where film enthusiasts come together to meet, experiment and have fun.

Uber to open $200M engineering hub in Toronto

By Terry Foster, Spoke News Transportation giant Uber is set to open a new $200-million engineering and research facility in Toronto, as well as expand its Toronto-based Advanced Technologies Group Research & Development Centre (ATG). Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, announced the plans for the ATG expansion and new engineering hub at a press conference earlier this month. The ATG facility has been working on Uber’s autonomous car technologies since May … Continued

Are we prepared for the robotic revolution?

EDITORIAL By Terry Foster Since the invention of fire, mankind has worked tirelessly to make life easier and more comfortable. Never has mankind seen a shift in labour like we did during the industrial revolution, however technology has finally caught up. We are now in an age of unlimited potential and using automation and artificial intelligence (AI), we are quickly replacing the need for not just physical labourers but even … Continued

Students to vote on universal transit pass

By Terry Foster, Spoke News Despite the fact they’ve twice rejected a universal transit pass in the past, Conestoga College students will vote on the U-Pass again this week, from Sept. 24-28. If approved, the pass would allow them to ride any Grand River Transit bus and the Ion rail system. If voted in, the new pass would be a mandatory for all students and cost $137 per semester. There … Continued