December 14, 2018

Trivia event raises awareness

BY MELISSA HORTON On March 16 Conestoga Students Inc. hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia at Conestoga College’s Cambridge campus. The facility, which opened in 2011, reach es a smaller demographic than the vastly larger Doon campus. With the focus of events usually taking place at the Doon campus for this reason, this event was a new experience for not only the students but Conestoga Students Inc. as well. “This … Continued

Make the most of your tax return

BY PETER SWART It’s officially tax season and students should be starting to look into every possible tax break they can get before filing. According to David Sukhdeo, one of Conestoga’s accounting professors, there are plenty of benefits that students can take advantage of. “All tuition that students paid is what they get to claim on their taxes,” he said. “As well, if they paid interest on a student loan … Continued

Something for all at Kitchener Comic Con

BY TYLER MEDEIROS The fourth annual Kitchener Comic Con took place on March 3. The event was a two-day experience that brought artists, fans, gamers and writers to Kitchener City Hall. “I travel around these cons a lot but it’s always nice to come to Kitchener because everyone just gets so into the nerd spirit,” said Laura Suen, owner and founder of Fire and Steel, a premium retailer for specialty … Continued

Capturing the beauty of Hidden Valley

By ASHLEY SPRAGUE There are so many beautiful spaces in this world that are being destroyed by urbanization; so many places that should be preserved and not taken for granted. We have one of these beautiful natural areas in Waterloo Region. Just southeast of Kitchener’s Fairview Park Mall, tucked away between a subdivision and a movie theatre, is an incredible 200-acre piece of land called Hidden Valley. This area is … Continued

We’re not kidding, goat milk is great

BY NICOLE CLARK  America is the third-largest goat milk producing continent in the world, with 64.3 litres of milk produced per goat. Ontario is the largest goat milk producing province in Canada. According to a 2015 statistic, Ontario is home to 245 of Canada’s 387 goat milk producers. The largest Ontario goat herd has approximately 1,200 goats, where the usual number is 60 to 400 on a dairy goat farm. … Continued

Step right up

BY MEGHAN WEATHERALL Take a step back in history with THEMUSEUM’s travelling carnival exhibit. Step Right Up: The Travelling Carnival in Canada looks back on how this country’s travelling carnivals and midways have shaped our entertainment and agriculture. It all started when two men met back in the 1920s. Originally they performed shows across the U.S., but they decided to move their act to Canada. “Conklin and Garrett were partners, … Continued

It’s all about the process

BY JAMES WELLS  “I have always respected the process, it’s been a motto I’ve lived by even before I started up Respecting the Process.” There is a level of understanding and respect needed to appreciate the way things work in life, how events unfold before you and what you accept into your life, disciplines that Adam Rochon, founder and owner of the media company, Respecting the Process, has learned over … Continued

Behind the scenes of the butterfly conservatory

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is a beautiful place to go and visit, full of anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 colourful butterflies, turtles, finches, doves, quail and an eight-year-old parrot named Cheecho. Most, if not all, of those butterflies are completely new as of two weeks ago. And by the time this is printed, there will be a whole new set of butterflies. This is because the average … Continued

Kitchener’s ‘Top Chef ‘ wears many hats

BY CASSIDY FOULDS “Look at that.” Terry Salmond held his phone, grinning down at a video of a red cap bolete mushroom that he’d found while out foraging. He’d snapped the cap in half, revealing the quickly-oxidizing flesh on the inside. The flesh quickly shifted colours, indicating it was unfit for consumption. “That’s cool, right? The way it changes to blue like that?” He sits in a homey little Portuguese … Continued

Waterloo man invents personal protection device

BY SHAFAQ PARWEZ For some people, talking about their problems is considered taboo. And asking somebody for help is also looked down upon. These victims never feel empowered. It has always been worse for women, who have endured being assaulted, both sexually and physically – and watching as it was shoved under the rug. It was not something that anybody liked to mention to anyone – or anybody wanted to … Continued

Flyers fill the sky at fiesta

BY ROLAND FLEMING Looking up to the sky, a scarecrow, a fire hydrant and a dragon can all be seen floating by. It seems like a bizarre dream, a fantasy world, but it’s not. It really happens. It has been called the most photographed event in the world. It is a gathering of people from many na-tions, all coming together to take to the skies. It is the Albuquerque International … Continued

Healthy choices start with you

BY MARISSA CUDDY The spring annual Healthy Choices Wellness Show in Cambridge is back this year on April 22 and 23. The show features about 40 vendors including Hybrid Hair and Detox Salon, Visalus Pilates Challenge and Physiotherapy and Health Cambridge. Lee Pryke is the founder of the Healthy Choices Wellness Show and her company, I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre, is one of the sponsors. Last year the … Continued

Enjoy the outdoors this spring

BY JENNA BRAUN In a region consumed by commercial, industrial and residential construction, there is some solace – natural areas preserved for our enjoyment. “Sometimes I need some place to go, somewhere for inspiration or peace and quiet,” said Benji Luangxay, a third-year architecture project and facilities management student. “City life gets overwhelming.” Located in southern Kitchener is the Huron Natural Area, Kitchener’s largest and “most valuable” natural area. The … Continued