November 16, 2018

Campus food bank use increases

BY MELISSA HORTON In a school of more than 45,000 busy students, it’s hard to make sure every student knows of all the services offered by the college. To get the word out, Conestoga Students Inc.’s Food Support services relies on class presentations and word of mouth to pass on the information about what they have to offer. So, what is it that they offer students? Laurita Martynowski, Campus Service … Continued

You don’t have to go hungry

By MATT LINSEMAN Some students struggle to put food on the table for a variety of reasons. However, there are various resources available at the college that can help, including the Conestoga Students Inc. food bank and the Aboriginal Services food bank. CSI’s food bank is available for any full-time student once a month. It’s located in Room 2A119. The Aboriginal Services food bank is available for aboriginal students who … Continued