February 24, 2019

Choose the best candidate

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has had a chaotic few months that resulted in Doug Ford being named Tory leader, and thus, becoming a candidate in the 2018 Ontario general election. Already people are showing their distaste for the former city councillor and brother of the late, infamous Rob Ford, by encouraging their fellow Ontarians to vote for “anyone but him.” Anyone but him, even though the current Liberal … Continued

Greens will ‘do politics differently’

BY JOSH PEDERSON Although it might not look as if we are getting a Green Party Prime Minister in Canada any time soon, the left-wing political party is quickly gaining notoriety within various municipalities across the country and soon may become a real contender at the provincial and federal levels. Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May currently holds the only seat in the House of Commons for the Green Party … Continued

What does right-wing even mean?

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN Jason Kenny, the newly elected leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party, is set to continue down the path of uniting the right in Alberta. The two major right wing parties in the province, the PCs and the Wild Rose party, have been at odds despite both calling themselves “conservatives” since the latter was formed in 2002. Kenny plans to repeat the success of the merger of the … Continued


BY JOY STRUTHERS The terrifying reality is this – Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States of America. How could this have happened? So many things pointed to Hillary Clinton winning the race. Her experience and her lifelong goals for public service made her the clear choice. Of course she is flawed, but everyone is. Trump makes things worse every time he tries to defend himself. His … Continued

Clinton’s been Trumped

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS Never in modern history has an American election affected Canadians the way the 2016 election has. People are full of fear, heartache, loathing and mainly disbelief. Nineteen months ago Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President of the United States of America. Seventeen months ago Donald Trump did the same. And thus the giant pot we know of as the presidential election was stirred. Emails were deleted, … Continued

Where is the policy in politics?

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN Policy is, or at least should be, the heart and soul of politics. Why else would we send hundreds of people to Ottawa every four years to make decisions for us? Sadly, that is rarely the case. Often politics focus more on personality than on position. In Canada, we know this as Trudeau-mania part two. To our cousins to the south of the border, it’s on full … Continued

High turnout for climate change talk

BY JESSICA HAMMER Presenter Isaish Ritzmann talked about climate change and how it affects society. The discussion happened on Nov. 24 at the Queen St. Commons cafe.

Who are we?

BY SARAH VEENSTRA Is the niqab debate unveiling something greater than the temporary removal of a headdress? We think so. In recent weeks, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper struck a cord with Canadian citizens by asking that niqabs be banned for public servants and those taking citizenship ceremony oaths. Non-Muslim Canadians are also weighing in, arguing the niqab could be used by terrorists, and not just by Muslims who are using … Continued

Get educated, then vote

BY JASON MOTA After months of hype, the 2015 federal election is finally just around the corner and, as many have stated, it could be one of the most important elections in Canadian history. With a major worldwide economic collapse just a few years ago, which resulted in a recession, and struggles around the world that threaten the lives of millions, the Canadian government’s involvement – or lack thereof – … Continued

Duffy trial will hurt Conservatives

By JORDAN JOHNSTONE The federal election is set for October of this year, however, Prime Minster Stephen Harper can call one at anytime and if you listen to radio or watch Hockey Night in Canada you can see the campaign ads are already being run. With the NDP and Liberals being on the wrong side of public opinion on issues such as dealing with ISIS or Bill C-51, Harper’s new … Continued

Stranger than fiction

BY LAURIE SNELL It doesn’t take a lot of digging to suspect Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a troubled man. His scandalous antics – ranging from public inebriation, racial and homophobic slurs to alleged videos of him smoking crack cocaine and associating with well-known Etobicoke criminals – made international headlines in 2013, and provided a generous amount of material for late-night talk show hosts. But for Toronto Star reporter and … Continued