October 23, 2018

These people are open books

(This story contains the singular use of “they” as a gender-neutral, third person pronoun.) BY TAYLOR PACE On March 15, Student Engagement brought in volunteers from the college and community to act as human books for their seventh annual Human Library event at the Doon campus. “This is part of our Respect Campaign, learning from people with diverse backgrounds by having conversations to get better insight on people who are … Continued

There’s a lack of respect in class

OPINION BY MELODIE LARIVIERE I was born in pretty much the middle of the millennial era. I remember when I was growing up, everyone, not just your elders, were treated with nothing but respect. Paying attention to someone was instinct; a smile was a daily expression that I gave to everyone no matter what. Speaking out of turn rarely occurred. Today, however, there is such a lack of respect. The … Continued

Waterloo Region remembers

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN Over one million Canadians served in the Second World War as part of the Canadian Forces, the merchant marine and other allied forces. In 2014 there were approximately 75,000 veterans remaining, according to Veterans Affairs Canada. It is a war that is quickly exiting living memory. On Oct. 29, Memory Gardens Funeral Home and Cemetery hosted its 11th annual Remembrance Day ceremony. “We have over 400 veterans … Continued