October 21, 2018

Prolonged semesters raise concerns

BY REBECCA SOARES Christmas may not be ruined for college students but their school year definitely got more difficult. On Oct. 16, colleges across Ontario began a strike that lasted five weeks and because of it, the remaining semester, as well as the winter semester, got extended. While the strike didn’t impede Christmas plans for many students, it affected those with jobs. In October and November, students couldn’t sign up … Continued

Working around the school schedule

By MATTHEW EVANGELISTA Conestoga College’s Doon campus is full of services and shops such as Tim Hortons, Pita Pit, the library, The Bookstore and even the recreation centre. Finding a part-time job while at school is easier than ever, and the college’s attitude toward their student workers shows they are quite aware of exactly who they’re hiring. “They actually work completely around my school schedule and my sports schedule so … Continued

There’s a lack of respect in class

OPINION BY MELODIE LARIVIERE I was born in pretty much the middle of the millennial era. I remember when I was growing up, everyone, not just your elders, were treated with nothing but respect. Paying attention to someone was instinct; a smile was a daily expression that I gave to everyone no matter what. Speaking out of turn rarely occurred. Today, however, there is such a lack of respect. The … Continued

What to expect from the LRC

BY JESSICA PETT Ten bookable rooms, 560 seats, 580 places to plug in and 80 computers. All of this is housed in the 27,000-square-foot library resource centre (LRC) at the Doon campus. There are many attributes to this newly renovated space and as students it is important to know everything that is available to you. The bright, modern and inviting library has become a safe haven to a large majority … Continued

The choice of location is one of the things to keep in mind

BY JESSICA HAMMER For most people, studying is not a fun pastime but there are ways to make it a bit more bearable and perhaps even make it pass quicker. When starting college for the first time the workload can seem daunting. You’re going through schooling for your future career and it’s another stepping stone before joining the workforce. There are many tips for studying effectively and it is important … Continued

Advice from students for students

BY MICHELLE MAISONVILLE  Starting college can be scary. Students leave home, and friends and family, to live in a new city and go to school. College can also mean a heavier course load than high school, so being able to balance school with a job, a social life and other extracurricular activities is more important than before. So how can students make their transition from high school to college as … Continued