February 23, 2019

The Den offers escape for video gamers

By Keegan Lavigne, Spoke News With the increasing popularity of video games, The Den, a gaming area located on Conestoga’s Doon campus above The Venue, is bound to become a more popular destination for students. Conestoga Students Inc. hosted an event on campus on Sept. 11 to promote the expanded recreation area. The event was held in A Building in the lower atrium, where various games and TVs were brought … Continued

Living off livestreaming

BY JOSH PEDERSON Imaging having a job where you wake up every day, turn on a camera, connect a microphone and broadcast yourself to an audience from around the world. You get to make your own hours and oftentimes, you don’t even have to leave your house. The job of livestreaming is quickly gaining traction as a legitimate career path and for those who are successful, monthly earnings can be … Continued

Doon’s ‘Gotta Catch ’em All’

BY JAMES WELLS Another school year is underway for Conestoga students and with it comes a big change – one that is only visible via your smartphone. The Pokemon GO craze kicked off worldwide in July and Conestoga College’s Doon campus is one of the locations to be marked with not one, not two, but 14 PokeStops. From the Woodworking Centre to the ATS Engineering Complex, you can walk from … Continued

Get your game on in the Den

Just because someone is about to decapitate you in Mortal Kombat, or send you flying off the track in Mario Kart, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. Ironically, these devilishly violent and hazardous moments often bring gamers together. The Den at Conestoga College is more than a place for students to take a load off and play video games, it’s also a place for camaraderie. Located above the Sanctuary, the … Continued

New gaming program launched

 BY CARMEN PONCIANO Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College have joined forces to offer a game design and development program this fall as part of a bachelor of fine and applied arts degree at Laurier’s Brantford campus. During the four years, students will take courses at Laurier with some Conestoga faculty doing the teaching. Courses include analog gaming and interactivity, game design foundations, 2D and 3D design (Conestoga) and sound … Continued

Art in a virtual world

BY BRUCE CHESSELL Are video games art? It’s a question I’ve heard asked more and more in recent months because of how technology for video games has advanced, making it possible to immerse the gamer in a world much more than ever before, and also because games are beginning to tell much more engrossing stories that can rival some of the best literature or films. Games like the Last of … Continued