November 16, 2018

Music streaming a popular service among students

By Sarah Gilder, Spoke News Music — it has a major influence, not only on our lives, but also the way we think and remember topics and issues. There are a variety of different apps and websites out there to help people get the latest albums. That fact raises the question of what is the most popular app or website to use to get the music that is in demand. … Continued

Welcome back concert to benefit food bank

By Clara Montgomery, Spoke News Another school year is upon us and to celebrate the arrival of students new and old, Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) is holding a second-in-a-row Welcome Back Concert at the Rec Centre tonight. Headlining it this year are the indie rock genre’s Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado. All proceeds from this year’s show will go towards the CSI food bank. “An event like this is a great … Continued

Something for all at Kitchener Comic Con

BY TYLER MEDEIROS The fourth annual Kitchener Comic Con took place on March 3. The event was a two-day experience that brought artists, fans, gamers and writers to Kitchener City Hall. “I travel around these cons a lot but it’s always nice to come to Kitchener because everyone just gets so into the nerd spirit,” said Laura Suen, owner and founder of Fire and Steel, a premium retailer for specialty … Continued

Come one, come all, the circus calls

By REBECCA SOARES Behind the curtains at the door, a circus awaited. Guests who attended the Night Circus fundraiser at Idea Exchange’s Queen’s Square branch on March 3 were in for a real treat. “This whole night, I’d forgotten this was a library. It truly felt like I was stepping into a circus,” said Miranda Espanola, a Cambridge resident. The idea for the Night Circus fundraiser came from the book … Continued

Come one, come all, the circus calls for one night only

BY REBECCA SOARES The circus is in town but for one night only. On Saturday, March 3, Idea Exchange is hosting a Night Circus in the Cambridge Public Library, located at 1 Queen’s Square. The circus will be starting at 8 p.m. and ending at midnight. “It’s going to be incredible. We’ve been working on it for a while now and there’s still plenty to do before that time but … Continued

Skiers attempt Guinness record

BY MIKE TURCOTTE Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort played host to the Canadian Ski Patrol on Feb. 3 in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most snow angels made at once, participating simultaneously with many other ski resorts across Canada. Kao Saechao, assistant patrol leader at Chicopee, and also a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol, spearheaded communications with Chicopee to see if the resort was … Continued

The art of storytelling

BY JOSH PEDERSON While listening to a captivating story, whether it be a fictitious old wives’ tale from grandma or remembering that hysterical Dr. Seuss book that was read to us before bedtime, our imaginations propel us into the universe of what we’re hearing, taking us on an entertaining extravaganza. To truly dazzle a listener, one must project oneself in such a way that not only grabs a person’s attention, … Continued

VR arcade spreading nationally

By MIKE TURCOTTE Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, Ctrl V, is about to open many new locations across the country, and even spread into the U.S. Thanks to places like Ctrl V, more people now have the means to try this new and exciting technology. Ctrl V opened June 1, 2016, in Waterloo and is growing exponentially with more than 10 locations now open, and another 20 new arcades planned … Continued

One man dance crew at Toga Party

BY LUCAS HUTTERI   Cliff the Condor half-heartedly patrolled the Venue as partygoers, only a handful of who wore togas, remained seated with their heads resting in their hands, and their faces full of boredom and disappointment. Even the DJ appeared as though he had just woken from a nap. Despite the state of the party, one student took it upon himself to be the spark that Conestoga Student Inc.’s … Continued

Alan Doyle returns to Kitchener

BT NICOLE CLARK Alan Doyle continued his So Let’s Go tour with his second Canadian show in Kitchener at Centre in the Square on March 29, entertaining 1,800 audience members. The show was one Doyle had been looking forward to for quite some time. “Kitchener is the biggest one, so this is the one I have had my eye on. This is the biggest gig, almost 2,000 people coming tonight,” … Continued

Full house welcomes Shaping Sound

BY NICOLE CLARK Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound: After the Curtain continued with the second night of its 2017 North American tour at Centre in the Square in Kitchener on March 3. The show drew a massive crowd, which filled the theatre. The show was created by artistic director Travis Wall, along with Nick Lazarini, Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson, who are all equipped with immensely superb dancing abilities and credentials. … Continued

Logan exciting for adult fans

BY MATTHEW EVANGELISTA Standing through the sunroof of a limousine a group of young, drunk and rowdy white men glide past a seemingly endless line of Mexicans at the border yelling, in a snobbish stupor, “U-S-A, U-S-A.” This is the first, but not the last, piece of social commentary which tracks alongside the main plot of Logan, director James Mangold’s newest film featuring Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. This movie will conclude … Continued