October 21, 2018

U-Pass not for everyone

EDITORIAL By Niall McCrossan Students at Conestoga College can now vote in a referendum that would allow full-time students to receive a bus pass as part of their tuition. The universal transit pass would be effective September 2019 and would cost no more than $137 per semester. The pass, also known as the “U-Pass,” would grant full-time students unlimited access to all Grand River Transit (GRT) services which will also … Continued

Does Canada treat international students fairly?

EDITORIAL By Saifullah Muhammad Every year, the country – and the community of Kitchener-Waterloo – benefit from the arrival of thousands of international students from around the world. For the most part the relationship is mutually beneficial. Canadian educational institutions benefit financially and culturally from international students coming to study here, and many students also get the academic and cross-cultural experience they have left home for. However, the price of … Continued

Clubs offer enriching ways to start the school year

By Elnaz Akbari, Spoke News The start of a new school year can be slightly overwhelming for some students. Homework, assignments and running from one class to another all day can make it very hard for some to enjoy their college experience. To make the start of a new school year easier, students at Conestoga can consider joining one of the many clubs the college has to offer — or … Continued

Students to vote on universal transit pass

By Terry Foster, Spoke News Despite the fact they’ve twice rejected a universal transit pass in the past, Conestoga College students will vote on the U-Pass again this week, from Sept. 24-28. If approved, the pass would allow them to ride any Grand River Transit bus and the Ion rail system. If voted in, the new pass would be a mandatory for all students and cost $137 per semester. There … Continued

Ezra party worth holding

BY ASHLEY SPRAGUE If you’re a Waterloo Region resident, then you’ve probably heard of the parties that happen on Ezra Avenue. If you’re not born and raised here, then, being a student, you will probably hear of them soon. Each year on St. Patrick’s Day, and during Wilfrid Laurier University’s homecoming, thousands celebrate on Ezra in Waterloo. This year’s homecoming attracted 12,000 partiers. The day after, the streets are riddled … Continued

Pita Pit service falters

By REBECCA SOARES The Pita Pit is Conestoga College’s healthy food alternative, but it creates a pit of people piled in line. The eatery has become a popular food choice among faculty, staff and students, but its increasing popularity has caused service problems. On Oct. 2, Conestoga’s College Council meeting took place in the Guild Room of the Welcome Centre. During the meeting Dianna Fong-Lee, the co-ordinator of Conestoga’s occupational … Continued

Comic book series on Kickstarter

A former Conestoga College student is looking to kick-start a career in the comic book industry. Marc Hulet recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise funds for the comic book series The Nuclear Family. The series takes a humorous look at the family dynamic after a superhero marries a super-villain. “Henry and Cecile love each other dearly but they’re constantly at odds over how to raise their … Continued

A warm college welcome

BY LUCAS HUTTERI Aleks Mivonenko laughed trying to reach a nametag that had been placed on her back. “The people (of Canada) are so friendly and kind, and the nature, it’s so beautiful. I love looking down the streets and seeing all of the trees and bushes.” A first-year web design and development student hailing from Russia, Mivonenko is one of the many students who attended Conestoga College’s International Student … Continued

Self-love in digital world

BY RILEY LINSEMAN Adolescents and poor body image is a problem that’s been on the rise since the age of social media, but it has also been an issue for centuries. Conestoga College event management students Celia Mackenize, Flor Ponciano, Kat Snider and Zoe Campanaro are aware of this problem and put on the True Hue body paint art show in the Tannery Centre on March 25 to address it. … Continued

Turban tying event improves awareness

BY MATTHEW EVANGELISTA It’s been 16 years since 9/11; 16 years since the turban became a symbol of fear and distrust in North America. But Sikh students at Conestoga have been trying to bring a higher awareness of the turban, sometimes called a dastaar, which, in the Khalsa society, signifies many virtues including spirituality, honour, self-respect, courage, piety and responsibility. Conestoga Sikh students hosted a turban tying event last month … Continued

Going green

BY JAMES WELLS The week of March 20 to 24 was Conestoga Student Inc.’s first environmental week ever. With many presentations, events and guest speakers, CSI attempted to make the students a more aware and well informed environmental community. On the evening of March 22, Brittany Grieg and Anmolpreet Singh, CSI board of director’s environmental committee members, hosted an open forum in The Venue for students, staff and faculty. Singh … Continued