February 20, 2019

Students host Skillz Manifesto

BY MELISSA HORTON Conestoga College’s design foundations students hosted their annual year-end design showcase and awards on April 6 at the Waterloo Region Museum. Called Skillz Manifesto, the event showcased an array of student designs, including canvas art, prints and two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces. Guests at the show could bid on canvas paintings by the students and could purchase a selection of student prints. Tickets cost $10 with proceeds helping … Continued

Festival organizer says fan satisfaction No. 1

BY PETER SWART The road to this year’s Ever After Music Festival has been an unexpectedly bumpy one for organizers. The most recent bump was the sexual assault allegations surrounding Datsik, who was scheduled to headline the festival, which lead to some frantic rearranging of the schedule. While this shook up the event and made fans scour the internet to see what the festival organizers would do to compensate for … Continued

New 2018-2019 CSI directors elected

BY LUCAS HUTTERI The votes are in and Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) has announced the winners of the 2018-2019 CSI board of directors election. A total of 881 valid votes were received and the winners are Jack Gaudet, Sharan Kalsi, Kevin Lewis, Andrew MacNeil, Martha Prada, Angela van Stee and Scot Wyles. Aimee Calma remains the CSI president. Brittany Greig is vice-president, external and Porter Oleson is vice-president, internal. Two … Continued

New creative hub opens in Waterloo

Local man creates conversation with unique social bar BY PETER SWART Waterloo is continuing to grow more and more each day and it’s thanks to people like Rami Said. Said is one of the city’s many entrepreneurs who offer something to the community that makes it as unique as it is. He was born and raised in Waterloo and as he grew older he decided to check out what the … Continued

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER It’s no secret to anyone who lives in Waterloo Region that we have a homeless problem. You can’t avoid seeing it if you go through any of the three cores, whether it be King Street that runs through Kitchener and Waterloo, or Ainslie Street in Cambridge. However, few realize just how big a problem it is. Although recent statistics from the Region of Waterloo indicate there are … Continued

Get your sweat on and raise money for charity

Get some exercise and help out a charity at the same time. Get Jacked for RHWR will be held on Sunday, April 15 by a group of Conestoga bachelor of public relations students at the Grand Valley Country Club in Cambridge. It is a two-hour workout class affiliated with local business Proactive Training and Nutrition. Proactive is donating time and equipment to run a one-hour boot camp class and a … Continued

Greens will ‘do politics differently’

BY JOSH PEDERSON Although it might not look as if we are getting a Green Party Prime Minister in Canada any time soon, the left-wing political party is quickly gaining notoriety within various municipalities across the country and soon may become a real contender at the provincial and federal levels. Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May currently holds the only seat in the House of Commons for the Green Party … Continued

Trivia event raises awareness

BY MELISSA HORTON On March 16 Conestoga Students Inc. hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia at Conestoga College’s Cambridge campus. The facility, which opened in 2011, reach es a smaller demographic than the vastly larger Doon campus. With the focus of events usually taking place at the Doon campus for this reason, this event was a new experience for not only the students but Conestoga Students Inc. as well. “This … Continued

Something for all at Kitchener Comic Con

BY TYLER MEDEIROS The fourth annual Kitchener Comic Con took place on March 3. The event was a two-day experience that brought artists, fans, gamers and writers to Kitchener City Hall. “I travel around these cons a lot but it’s always nice to come to Kitchener because everyone just gets so into the nerd spirit,” said Laura Suen, owner and founder of Fire and Steel, a premium retailer for specialty … Continued

COBRA earns bragging rights for Conestoga

BY PETER SWART The Conestoga Off-Road Baja Racing Team, known simply by the acronym COBRA, earned the school some bragging rights as they finished in fifth place and ahead of all other Ontario schools in a competition last month. COBRA consists of a group of students from Conestoga’s School of Engineering and Information Technology who spend most of their free time building and improving off-road vehicles to race in competitions … Continued

It’s your last chance to view unique art exhibit

BY TAYLOR PACE This is the last week to see the unique paintings by a local artist featured in the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, before the exhibit comes to a close on March 9. The exhibit, which opened on Feb. 2, is by local artist Bernadine Van Renne. The Centre for the Arts website boasts that her paintings “capture a fleeting photographic moment in the lives of everyday people.” … Continued

The internet made you eat what?

BY Tyler Medeiros Throughout the years there have been many dangerous fads that have injured or killed the people who participated in them. The Tide Pod challenge is the current fad of 2018 and we have already seen about 40 cases of people ingesting the detergent pod in Canada. In 2016 anonymous users online started posting jokes about Tide Pods looking like Fruit Gushers, the children’s snack. However, it wasn’t … Continued