December 14, 2018

Growing concentration of industry in Toronto threatens economy of Ontario

According to Statistics Canada, while the number of jobs in northern and southwestern Ontario have both shrunk by about 20,000 in the last decade, growth in the GTA has been steady during that same time. While provincial reports may reflect developments and improvements in Ontario, this is far from the whole story.

Media’s infatuation disturbing

BY REBECCA SOARES We all have our bad moments but perhaps media outlets on the weekend of Feb. 10 went too far. The Winter Olympics began on Feb. 9 and North and South Korea participated under a “united Korea flag” for the opening ceremony and during the competition. North Korea sent Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader, to represent that country during the games. … Continued

Internet needs censoring

BY MELISSA HORTON In today’s technology-based world, the internet has become a tool to socialize with each other in new and unique ways. However, with this new tool, comes new rules but not everybody plays by them. Recently, social media networks have come under fire for the content that some users have been posting. One of the most notable is YouTuber Logan Paul, who initiated a never-before-seen level of scrutiny … Continued

The time has come to take Cherry off the air

BY MIKE TURCOTTE I grew up in a household that loves hockey. Hockey Night in Canada was a huge part of my childhood, even though I never really had a huge interest myself. I grew up looking forward though, to Don Cherry, and always seeing what kind of suit he might wear that night, or his forward and blunt opinions on things. However, there have been times over the years … Continued

Additional parking garage not needed

BY AUSTIN WELLS Last week, reports were released that Kitchener officials plan to build a sixth parking garage in the city, despite the other five being underused. One of the newest lots reported 36 per cent monthly occupancy, while the market garage reported a 52 per cent occupancy. The industry average for occupancy is 86 per cent. These low numbers should be reason enough to drop the project, yet the … Continued

Legalizing pot

BY JOSH PEDERSON The Trudeau government’s legislation on the legalization of marijuana is fast approaching, with the purchase and consumption of the earthy green substance scheduled to begin in July. It is a move that has Canadians speculating as to whether this direction is one of calculated judgement regarding the future of the country and its economy, or if it is an impulsive leap into a vast uncharted realm by … Continued

Social mob mentality must go

BY MIKE TURCOTTE Social media has become probably one of the single most powerful and influential aspects of human interaction across the globe. Whether people use it to read about politics, inventions, discoveries, crime, or something in between, social media connects people, and shares information to the masses. However, social media is also a shining example of mob mentality, and it’s starting to get really annoying. How many people reading … Continued

Don’t delay vaccinating

By Austin Wells Every year, many people – students and adults alike – put off getting a flu shot or other vaccine. Thinking they don’t need it, won’t get sick, or just don’t get around to it, they risk their health year after year, when getting vaccinated is an easy process that can help keep them safe. However, some people argue against vaccinations, saying that they cause other complications, the … Continued

The future of electronic learning

By Tyler Medeiros Grade 9 students in eight Ontario high schools were given a Chromebook last month, which is theirs to keep for the rest of their high school years. The Google-powered laptops, which are to be used in the classroom and to do homework, are part of a two-year pilot project. All tests, assignments and lessons will be online, and teachers are receiving training on how to properly use … Continued

Feminism isn’t about covering up

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS Define feminism? OK. Feminism is advocating for women’s rights. Or, as Emma Watson said: “Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is … about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality.” Did you see the word breasts written in either of those definitions anywhere? No? Me either. “I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it,” she said. “It’s very confusing.” In early March, … Continued

Drone sales are sky high

BY BRANDY FULTON The future is here! And although we do not have flying cars or teleportation, we have drones that range from the size of a bee to a jumbo jet. They can be controlled from the ground through an app on your phone or a remote that comes with the drone. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), better known as drones, were originally used as military aircraft in areas that … Continued

Dismissed cases raise questions

BY JOY STRUTHERS Over 10,000 Canadian dismissed cases of sexual assault are now being investigated due to the shocking piece published by the Globe and Mail. The good news is that journalists have been able to make a real difference. Exposing flaws in the system has made people re-evaluate the investigative process performed by police. Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called on all police agencies to re-examine their cases … Continued

What does it mean to be educated?

BY JAMES WELLS Education, intelligence, knowledge and experience – are these things lacking? I have to say it because I’m not sure if anyone else will. We seem to be very narrow-minded people in the 21st century. People need to try and not be so black and white with their thinking, always leaving a little grey room for curiosity. Whether we get our information from our family, friends, school, social … Continued

‘I’m over 18’ button isn’t enough

BY ROLAND FELMING Gone are the days when a teen’s first exposure to pornography was finding their dad’s Playboy magazine under the bed. The content and ease of access to pornography has changed significantly since the rise of the Internet. Though porn is easier to access than ever before, and far more extreme in its content, very little has changed in terms of restrictions or regulations when it comes to … Continued