October 24, 2018

Competition fierce at Guelph gaming lounge

BY JOSH PEDERSON With the existing popularity of retro and modern video games along with the relatively new trend of esports gaining widespread mainstream media attention, international, national and local dedicated gaming organizations have sprung up and pounced on the opportunities of this new and prosperous market. One Guelph company in particular is putting its face on the map and gaining some serious attention from old-school gamers and the newer … Continued

Get your game on in the Den

Just because someone is about to decapitate you in Mortal Kombat, or send you flying off the track in Mario Kart, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. Ironically, these devilishly violent and hazardous moments often bring gamers together. The Den at Conestoga College is more than a place for students to take a load off and play video games, it’s also a place for camaraderie. Located above the Sanctuary, the … Continued

Company being too politically correct

By JACK PARKINSON There is a trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. It is the most popular TCG in the world, and I am beginning to think it is developed by crazy people. Some background: Magic was first published in 1993 and skyrocketed in popularity. Since then, it has maintained its status thanks to a combination of smart design and the developers understanding the gamers who play the game. … Continued

Women, gaming needs you

BY CODY MUDGE Where have all the girls gone? For an industry born out of a relatively progressive age and whose products have nearly universal appeal, gaming has a serious problem with attracting women to the burgeoning field. Gaming has become an incredibly robust entertainment industry with economic clout rivalling and even surpassing the movie and music industries in many countries. And the field has been growing steadily, especially here … Continued

Nerd Fest: great time for geeks

By SPENCER BEEBE A geeky get-together was held at Kitchener’s Victoria Park pavillion on March 29. Nerds of all ages and interests gathered at the pavillion for Nerd Fest 2014 – the first one ever held, where all sorts of activities were held for fans of fantasy and fun. Nerd Fest was hosted by the creators of Nerd Nite KW, a monthly event where nerds get together to watch presentations … Continued

On demand is the only demand

By CODY STEEVES On-demand is in high demand whether it is for movies, music or games. The latest announcement is a service being offered by Sony titled PlayStation Now (PS Now), which targets video game consoles. This new on-demand service will allow users to use a Netflix-like service for video games, whether it be a monthly subscription or pay-per-rent. The trend of on-demand certainly makes it more convenient for consumers … Continued