November 18, 2018

Veterinary hospital offers affordable services for students

By Colin Burrowes, Spoke News Visits to the vet don’t have to scare you if you are a student trying to make ends meet. East Village Animal Hospital, better known as EVAH, in Kitchener has your back if you are a pet-loving OSAP student or working student earning less than $40,131 per year. “If they are on OSAP, they qualify immediately.” said Euraysia Duhainn, a medical veterinary assistant at EVAH, … Continued

Pets are not presents

By ASHLEY SPRAGUE Every Christmas thousands of young animals are given as gifts; kittens found in stockings, puppies with crimson, red bows on their heads, all found by their unexpecting, new owners on Christmas morning. Some of these new additions to the family may work out, most, however, do not. Marisa Kelland has been a volunteer at Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) for four years. The popular cat rescue and adoption … Continued

City council wasn’t chicken

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN The decision by Kitchener city council to allow residents to keep chickens in their backyards is a step in the right direction. When the average person sits down in the morning to a breakfast of eggs and toast he has no idea where his food has come from, supermarket aside. It is a problem that extends to virtually all food eaten today. The disconnect between consumers and … Continued

Learn how to save your pet’s life

BY MARISSA CUDDY Accidents happen all the time and that is why people are certified in first aid, but did you ever think about what you would do if your dog or cat was hurt? Walks ‘N’ Wags is the largest pet first aid certification course in Canada. They have been operating since 2007 and they continue to grow across Canada and into the United States. The course was brought … Continued

How bad can eating your pet be?

By JENNA BRAUN Eating your pets after their death seems like something only a savage in a horror film would do. I have two dogs and the thought of eating them sounds emotionally scarring and horrendous, but I have to agree with Helena Stahl, the 24-year-old Swedish horseback rider who ate her racehorse after it had to be put down due to injury, when she defended her actions in a … Continued

Take care of your pets

BY ASHLEY NEQUEST Dog owners know that dogs typically become part of the family. The four-legged pup will cuddle up and watch television with everyone, so naturally walking the dog can become a family activity. However, when taking their dog out for a walk too many owners neglect to keep safety in mind. Regardless of how much a person feels as though their dog is practically human, the pet still … Continued

Owning an exotic pet often more work

By JOSH KENNEDY When people think of a pet, they mostly think about animals like dogs or cats. But there are people who own animals that are a little more exotic. These include small reptiles, like geckos and chameleons, and exotic birds like parrots. Mammals such as chinchillas and ferrets are also considered to be exotic. Ken, an employee at Petculture in Waterloo, said he has a large number of … Continued

Keep your furry friends warm and happy

BY KATRINA EDLEFSEN Just because they have a built-in fur coat doesn’t mean that all animals are equipped to deal with the icy temperatures plaguing Canada this winter. With weather dipping in and out of negative double digits, Canadians are questioning whether they should be taking their pets outdoors. According to Tracy Laraway, an agent at the Cambridge and District Humane Society (CDHS), when dogs are taken outside for walks … Continued