October 21, 2018

Make the most of your tax return

BY PETER SWART It’s officially tax season and students should be starting to look into every possible tax break they can get before filing. According to David Sukhdeo, one of Conestoga’s accounting professors, there are plenty of benefits that students can take advantage of. “All tuition that students paid is what they get to claim on their taxes,” he said. “As well, if they paid interest on a student loan … Continued

Conestoga ONE Card offers many benefits

BY AUSTIN WELLS Every student at Conestoga College has access to the school’s student card, or ONE Card, as it is called, but not every student is aware of some of the card’s other benefits. In addition to acting as a student card, it is the college library card, and students can load money onto it and use it to make purchases at any vendor on campus, sometimes at a … Continued

A warm college welcome

BY LUCAS HUTTERI Aleks Mivonenko laughed trying to reach a nametag that had been placed on her back. “The people (of Canada) are so friendly and kind, and the nature, it’s so beautiful. I love looking down the streets and seeing all of the trees and bushes.” A first-year web design and development student hailing from Russia, Mivonenko is one of the many students who attended Conestoga College’s International Student … Continued

Waterloo weekend party cleanup a success

BY ANDREW BENNEY After the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on Ezra Street in Waterloo came to a close, the event’s focus changed from excessive drinking to something a little more orderly. Over 25 volunteers took to the streets on the morning after the parties, doing their part for the community by cleaning up the solid layer of garbage on the street. On top of this, the volunteers were also forced … Continued

Tax talk opens my eyes

BY BRANDY FULTON I turned 20 at the beginning of this month. I have been living an hour and a half away from home for two years now, and I am pretty self-sufficient when it comes to getting to school and work, spending wisely and understanding basic life skills. However, a couple of days after my birthday, my parents decided they wanted to have the ever so dreadful and painfully … Continued

Good2Talk is all ears for post-secondary students

BY CASSIDY FOULDS Every post-secondary student in Ontario has felt the heavy weight of stress. Whether that stress is due to studies, home life, familial matters, work or addictions, they all agree it feels great to get it off their chests in a healthy, safe way. An Ontario helpline can help with that. “The latest National College Health Assessment survey found that nearly 90 per cent of Canadian post-secondary students … Continued

Rec centre could be paid off sooner

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN The new athletics and recreation centre may be paid for earlier than expected according to a report given to the Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) board of directors. At a meeting of the board on Nov. 28, Mike Dinning, Conestoga’s vice-president of student affairs, said the original estimation was the mortgage would be paid off in 16 years. The estimate was based on the assumption that enrollment would … Continued

Forget the debt

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN Canadian students no longer have to pay back their Canada Student Loan from the federal government, until they are earning at least $25,000 a year. The announcement was made by Employment and Social Development Canada on Oct. 28 and took effect on Nov. 1. The change is one of several that the government has put forward to help post-secondary graduates manage their debt. According to the release, … Continued

Conestoga College Flu Shot Clinic 2016

By: James Wells   Amirah Bacchus, a second year practical nursing student, administers the influenza vaccine to a fellow Conestoga student at Doon campus’s open flu shot clinic on Nov. 3.

Singers are given ‘a shot’

BY BRANDY FULTON The fourth season of the singing competition The Shot is coming to Kitchener this November. With over 200 contestants, this season will be the most intense and best season yet. The Shot was started in 2014 by C.J. Allen, who is the executive director of the competition. He used to live abroad in South Korea where he worked as a professional in the entertainment and music industry; … Continued

Brantford campus to vote on U-Pass

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN Conestoga students attending Wilfrid Laurier University’s Bra ntford campus will soon have the chance to vote on whether or not they want a universal bus pass (U-Pass). On Sept. 26, the Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) board of directors agreed unanimously to hold a referendum that asks if a Brantford Transit pass should be mandatory and included in students’ fees every semester. The U-Pass would allow students to … Continued

Doon’s ‘Gotta Catch ’em All’

BY JAMES WELLS Another school year is underway for Conestoga students and with it comes a big change – one that is only visible via your smartphone. The Pokemon GO craze kicked off worldwide in July and Conestoga College’s Doon campus is one of the locations to be marked with not one, not two, but 14 PokeStops. From the Woodworking Centre to the ATS Engineering Complex, you can walk from … Continued